Hands On Execution

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  • In summary, helping clients or acting as in-house resource, to actually do what is needed to reach the goals / targets in the agreed time. (See also Services and Partner Pages). Example service provision includes:
  • Interim Marketing – Writing new copy to generate better client understanding, specific to different target audiences, to get more leads to close more prospects.
  • Interim Partner Manager – to appoint more partners, educate their sales force, act as vendor representative with their clients – creating better loyalty, better product knowledge, channel pipeline data, higher prospecting rate – more revenue.
  • Interim Sales Management – to execute a targeted sales drive, redesign commission / incentive structures, teach sales techniques, improve process inefficiency, directly approach customers – creating more focussed and effective sales resource, to find and close more prospects.
  • Interim Operations Manager – to review process and procedures across a business, analyse best / worst practice and provide new agreed processes to improve efficiencies, reduce cost and save time.

Throughout, Requisite will provide ongoing reports using any format agreed; to ensure results are on track with the forecast modelling, to meet ROI + Break-Even and client goals.

Delivery may be in the form of agreed hours, objectives or a combination of the two.