Modelling & Product Positioning

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In order to agree milestones and targets, a detailed sales/revenue forecast model is required and will be jointly agreed. This is a hands on “drains-up” exercise and once in place, forms the primary document from which the full execution plan is developed and monitored. 

Achieving the goals agreed at this stage requires commitment from the client and Requisite-IBD, both in time and actions.

As business development is primarily about selling more, being more profitable and more efficient (reducing cost and time) – this is the key stage at which to review the clients product and approach to the market. It is often the hardest thing to articulate what a product is and why someone should buy it. (And it may need to be a different message for different markets / partners).

Deliverables– Once this stage is concluded, a clear action plan will be in place with achievable targets and milestones. We will also have uncovered some changes to how the market is approached. Now we need to execute on the plan and make it happen.