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Compliance covers a multitude of sins and is often a stumbling block, requiring excessive time for a business to resolve. Time best spent on sales and marketing. 

Similarly few businesses can afford to dedicate in-house resource, though in many cases compliance is mandatory and can be costly if not addressed.

Requisite-IBD can take on the role of ensuring all mandatory and advisory systems and accreditations are in place – leaving the management team for revenue generating activity. Results here are hard to quantify, however avoiding fines and freeing up sales time equates directly to the bottom line. Example projects include:

  • Employee Contracts, Health & Safety Risk assessment, Equal Opportunities
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Resource Efficiency initiatives
  • Continuous Quality Procedure, Investors In People accreditation / adherence
  • PAT & Fire certificates
  • Tax and VAT accounting practices
  • Working Time and Corporate Manslaughter directives
Links: How We Work – Sales and Marketing – Operations – Finance+MI – Compliance